"This Parental Paradise will end here for all time

With the devastation's rise..."

- from Time To Say Goodbye


The death of a parent is indeed a very difficult subject.  I wrote Time To Say Goodbye shortly after my mother and father died, driven by the devastation and loss.  This song with a message is based on my personal experience, describing how incredibly difficult it can be to accept the inevitable at the end of parents' lives.

The person I'm describing and giving advice to in the song is actually myself before my parents passed away.  The past of course cannot be changed but it was very therapeutic at that time of great loss to write this song back to my earlier self.  After writing the song I put it away for several years and only recently (2019) completed this recording and lyric video.  There is an uptempo Soft Rock version as well as an Acoustic Ballad version of the song. 

I can now say that with the passage of time there slowly came the sad acceptance of the new reality that my parents are gone forever.  Things of course will never be the same again, and I'm sure there will always be some devastation lingering in the background.  That wonderful "Parental Paradise" as I described it in the song is gone forever but I eventually came to terms and learned to live with that fact.  Nevertheless, I believe the message contained in this song I wrote years ago, Time To Say Goodbye, is still valid to this day....

There is more detail I could go into regarding being "in denial" and "saying goodbye" as I wrote about in a general sense in the song's lyrics.  Perhaps I'll expand on those subjects here sometime in the future.   

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 - Son Jake


Son Jake - Time To Say Goodbye (Lyric Video)

Son Jake - Time To Say Goodbye (Acoustic Version) Lyric Video

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